On Stigma

I’ve been delayed in writing as much as I used to, and much of it is because I want to write about topics that still have a ton of stigma attached to them.

And I will write about them. I just started to get frustrated that instead of thinking of how to form posts to speak to an audience, I started to think about how to word them so that I wasn’t viewed in a negative light.

That’s messed up, that I have that mental roadblock to hurdle over. Why can’t I just freely write about what the child version of me went through, or how far down the rabbit hole my thoughts went during the most severe moments of my OCD? Stigma is holding me back from offering my experiences, which if even one person reads and finds useful, that would be a really great thing. And even when I know that I will eventually write it all out, stigma is hovering like a dark cloud.

I’ve always thought that a lot of stigma is generated by media. Also the way of thinking in black and white. But there’s a problem with thinking like that, because the human brain is not so black and white. Point A does not always lead to point B. One thing might not cause another, and there can be multiple reasons behind one action.

It’s why I often form sentences with, “for me” or “for myself”, because what one person goes through does not mirror another’s experiences. No one knows another person’s thoughts unless you are in that person’s head, thinking with them.