The Adventures of Sleep Paralysis: Part 2

I had a dream you and I were sitting at the table. The angle didn’t make sense from where we usually sat, I realized there was no floor and we were floating.

You were telling me how you gave a compliment to someone and they reacted negatively. Almost hostile. I wasn’t understanding exactly what happened so you turned your head to me and explained. Your eyes changed, but then I realized we were only lit by a candle and the rest of the room was pitch black. I couldn’t see the candle.

I heard a tapping noise. We both just stared at each other. I thought it would be funny to ask what that noise was, all spooky-like as a prank to make you laugh. I leaned back to listen and then, well, I guess I became possessed by a demon, or attacked by one, or both. It all sounds cliche now that I write it out. I pitched backwards violently and you became a blur, my body was twisted like something grabbed my neck and turned me sideways. I was holding on to the chair so I wouldn’t fall into the void, or being forced to hold on, it was hard to tell. You giggled, you ironically thought this was the prank. I was pitched forward fast, my head slammed on the table and was pinned down by a force, I could feel claws in my head but they didn’t hurt, just a lot of pressure. I couldn’t move. I could see you sideways then see you lean down towards the table, blurry, I couldn’t see well at this point.

And this image of you slowly materialized to you in the bed as I started to wake up. Was I hallucinating you? I thought my eyes should be closed. They are open this time, and I can’t move again. I tried to say something at this point, for the first time I tried saying “help!” but the paralysis held me silent. I think trying to say something made it worse for a bit, and I got scared. I thought my dream followed me for real this time. I tried to move my arm and it wouldn’t move. An eternity of maybe 5 seconds passed and I was out, escaping into reality. It’s amazing how many thoughts you can have when time doesn’t seem to follow the rules. I heard the tapping of who knows what, normal building noises probably. I laid there trying not to freak out, still straddling between worlds but slowly crossing over. Trying not to look around too much.

I think it was bound to happen at some point. My sleep paralysis demon has found me…and it’s kind of an asshole.

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