Lately I’ve been wondering how interesting it is that we tend to overthink in general. One can say I’ve been overthinking about overthinking.

In some cases, it’s helpful to overthink. We can make logical decisions based on the thoughts we sifted through. In other cases, we can get trapped in a never ending cycle of dwelling.

This is how my obsessions form most of the time. I always get caught in that cycle of overthinking, somehow tricking myself into the habit that I can think my way out of anything. But the problem is (and I’ve mentioned this comparison before), those with OCD tend to get their cars stuck in the mud. The car is our brain trying to think it’s way out, and sometimes we need help to unstick it.

And then I wonder about how awesome we all are at problem solving. Since we tend to overthink about a lot of things. We tend to excel at getting unstuck when it comes to things that don’t trigger our OCD.

It’s really about how much discomfort and stress is caused by the overthinking. I try to catch myself when a stressful thought passes through my mind more than 3 times. How addicting it can be, ruminating. It can be a safe space and a terrible thing at the same time. I’m aware of what happens when I let myself dwell.

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