OCD and The News

One of my big triggers is reading news articles. It’s only the local news that really gets to me.

I love my city, the people, the food, the scenery. It’s a place that someone can fall in love with easily. Unfortunately with all of the positive aspects, there’s a big negative one. The crime here is outrageous.

I know there’s crime everywhere and it’s naive to believe that there exists a place with zero crime. But I’ve grown up in my city and have seen a big shift in crime levels. There’s something to be said about hearing gunshots from your living room, then seeing an article the next day about that exact sound you heard. Seeing articles about someone getting killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So with this, I’m always wondering if my paranoia about break-ins and violence is legit or OCD related. It’s normal around here to double check doors. I realize it’s not normal when I’m checking it multiple times, knowing that it’s locked and checking anyway. It’s normal in my neighborhood to not walk the streets at night. It’s not normal over-worrying about my boyfriend walking from the car to the front door, in a secured area.

I try not to rationalize my OCD symptoms but it’s difficult because of this. If I normalize something that is considered an obsession or compulsions it can have a snowball effect.

I always wonder if I move to another city one day that has noticeably less crime, that I’ll have culture shock. I’m just hoping this place I call my home can get it under control, find the resources to make a change, and put them to good use.

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